PrisonCloud is a flexible IT platform designed for the secure distribution of content and services to inmates. The system can be accessed from within the inmate’s cell but might be installed in other places (classroom, visitingroom, …) as well. The system is very stable and secure. It is based on a NATO-certified platform and enables full control and monitoring of all activities on it in real time.

PrisonCloud allows the inmate to be more responsible for his own life in prison, helps him to become an active and responsible actor during the whole detention process and guides the inmate to a successful reintegration, based on a more individual and positive approach. PrisonCloud allows the organisation to become more professional which benefits the staff since they will be able to focus more on core tasks rather than doing administrative jobs. It additionally reduces the chance of incidents.

With the different services PrisonCloud can address the inmate’s full life spectrum from labour & education, over leisure, healthcare and finances to his judicial situation.